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Raes Full Movie Leaked Online- Link of Raees Leaked Version, Print

Shahrukh Khan Raees Movie Leaked Online

Raees, starring Shah Rukh Khan, is the latest movie to fall prey to piracy. Many websites have apparently been offering the full version of the movie online for free in less than 24 hours of its release. The leaked version is reportedly of average quality but many still prefer to watch it as it’s been offered at the comfort of their homes, that too free.

Though such downloads are illegal, people are ready to watch a poor quality print as it save them the hassle of going to a theatre. Now, the question is, will the leaked version affect the box office collection of the film? While it is likely to affect the movie’s business to a certain extent, a large section of people will opt for watching the movie on a 70mm screen in high quality.


By Thursday, several shorts clips, illegally captured on mobile phones, began circulating on WhatsApp. However, early on Thursday morning, Raees Movie Leaked Online are reported of average quality but may still find many takers who would want to watch the movie for free and at the comfort of their homes, thereby affecting the box-office collection.

Now The Most Waited Bollywood Film of Raees Effected to Piracy nearly Movie is Available For Download in 10 websites. The major part of the invested money is usually recovered in the opening weekend. With the full movie being leaked online, people are now wondering whether this will have any impact on its business at the box office.