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Raees Dialogue Lyrics, Mp3 Ringtone- Shahrukh Khan Raees Movie Dialogue

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Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees trailer is finally here. The Rahul Dholakia film has been awaited since the teaser came out. SRK plays Raees Alam aka Miyan Bhai in the film that is set in Gujarat before the prohibition set in. It is different from Shah Rukh’s films that bank on the aura of the superstar.


The trailer itself gives a peak into the heavily loaded lines that SRK’s character Raees would be saying in the film. So here it is, the 6 dialogues that perfectly explain the dark, dramatic character of Raees Aslam, a dreaded gangster.

The trailer indicates that this Rahul Dholakia film will be an absolute Bollywood masala potbilers- complete with drama, action and some very powerful dialogues.

  1. Dhande se bada koi dharam nahi hota
  2. Gujarat Ke Haway Mein Vyapar Hai, Saans Toh Rok Loge Par Haway Ko Kaise Rokoge
  3. Zyada Udoge Kat Jaoge, Udne Ka Darr Hota Toh Phirki Pakadke Rehta
  4. Saboot le aayeye le jayeye… Raees haazir hai
  5. Jo Dhande Ke Liye Sahi, Wo Sahi
    Jo Dhande Ke Liye Galat, Wo Galat
    Isse Zyada Kuch Socha Nahi
  6. Ek Din Naak Mein Naak Daal Ke Kheech Ke Leke Jaunga, Tujhe Main Yaha Se

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