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Raaz Reboot 7th Day Collection- First (1st) Week Box Office Performance Report

Raaz Reboot belongs to a franchise which has hardly done anything wrong at the box office. They have been serving the same plot in different packages since the first film Raaz hit the theatres. Haunting melodies, a ghost of the boyfriend’s past scaring the daylights out of the girlfriend and some sizzling scenes. It worked then and it worked always except in the case of Raaz Reboot which showed good numbers over the weekend and earned 3 crore in excess than expected in the first three days but lost momentum post that.

Released in 1500 screen worldwide Vikram Bhatt’s Raaz Reboot has also been disappointing in its international box office collection. Tuesday Raaz Reboot has minted around 1.23 crore (approx) in its International business. The movie earned 5.30 Crores on its release day, and the collection followed as Rs. 5.49 Crores on Saturday, Rs. 6.30 Crores ON Sunday, Rs. 2.61 Crores ON Monday and Rs. 2.27 Crores on Tuesday at the domestic box office during its 7 days.


Emraan Hashmi’s Raaz Reboot isn’t in a spot apparently if we go by its budget. As per the prediction, the movie is now at the position to rake near 27 cr in a week. There is a possibility that Raaz Reboot will manage to sail through at the box office because of its low budget. There are reasons why Raaz Reboot became one of the lesser earning films of the franchise.

The biggest draw of the Raaz franchise was the music, which always helped bringing audience to the theatres. And then it’s an Emraan Hashmi film, so we did expect chartbuster songs. But not a single song stood out in the album. If we talk about the horror part, every scare came with a forewarning – ominous score – so we already know that something bad is about to happen.