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Project Marathwada First Day Collection- Project Marathwada Critics Review, IMDb, Indiaglitz & Taran Adarsh Review

Project Marathwada┬áis a story of a four journalism students who are assigned to make a project on farmer suicides happening in the country. They accidently bump into Om Puri who is a poor farmer from a small village. Tukaram, has come to the metro city with loads of letters of all those farmers who killed themselves. Tukaram wants to meet the Chief Minister Manek Rao related to the farmers suicide issue. Things are not easy as it seems and Tukaram understands that this will not work, thus he decides to give away his own life. The students somehow manage to save him and sets on a mission of making the whole world hear Tukaram’s point of view.

The story has a good theme and a burning social issue attached to it. The one liner concept is brilliant, which gets partly ruined due to weak narration. Every scene involving Om Puri is of top notch and works as a strong point of the film. His message in the climax defies the film. The cinematography is of top notch. Om Puri is outstanding in his role. Do check out his minute mannerisms featuring his accent, body language along with fluent usage of Marathi language. He carries the whole film on his shoulders.


The story takes its own sweet time to come on the right track. The discussion between the students is stretched followed by the repetitive scenes. These scenes dilute the intensity of the film. The college student’s side tracks fades out the hardship of Tukaram and the main content of the film. A more experience director would had done wonders with this concept. The whole treatment is lethargic and slow. There are many unwanted scenes which fails to go with the film. It seemed like the director did not have any command over the flow of the film. The topic should have been more elaborated and shown in full detail.