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Watch: Peshwa Bajirao First Episode, Online- Sony TV Peshwa Bajirao 1st Episode, Review

Peshwa Bajirao First Full Episode

The shows starts energetically with a shot of Sidharth Nigam praying and storming out of the temple. What follows is a brief introduction of the characters and the era when the Mughal empire defeated and took over the Marathas. The show revolves around Peshwa Bajirao, as the name suggests, and the story begins way before his birth.

The story begins when his mother, Radhabai, was pregnant with him. Manish Wadhwa plays the role of Balaji Vishwanath, who was Peshwa Bajirao 1’s father and Anuja Sathe plays his mother, Radhabai. The show is visually appealing with a beautiful set design.


The characters are not overdressed or over-accessorised, like they are in most shows. So far, the show does justice to the plot and the characters. The makers even gave us a brief reminder about what had happened during the war so you don’t have to go hunting for your history books.

You will definitely regret the fact that there was no such show when you were in school to make history more interesting. But you’ll definitely look up the internet for a gentle reminder about Peshwa Bajirao and the Marathas. It would help if you manage to get Bajirao Mastani out of your head

Anuja Sathe and Manish Wadhwa look very promising and we’re hoping to their characters develop into a stronger one. This is definitely one show that you should make your kids watch if they don’t enjoy reading history much. Apart from narration, the makers have also added texts to introduce characters. The good thing was that they made sure to jog your memory a little bit before jumping right to Peshwa Bajirao’s childhood.