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Pakistan Chai Wala now turn into model, Photos Pics or Images- Chai Wala boy name, Aarshad Khan

This blue-eyed handsome young chai-wala (tea seller) from Pakistan has become an internet sensation after a local photographer posted his picture on social media. Social media users had gone crazy seeing his awesome looks and actor-like personality.

But the 18-year-old just took one day for him to become famous. A photographer called Javeria or Jiah Khan has seen this tea seller and she can’t stop to take a pic and upload it on her Instagram handle. The picture went viral on various social media platforms.


The photo became the top trend on Twitter in Pakistan late yesterday with the hashtag #ChaiWala. Jiah Khan said that Arshad had no issues whatsoever in working in the film industry. And guess what, Arshad’s photo has made him achieve new heights of success.