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Okka Ammayi Thappa Second Day Collection- 2nd Day Collection at Box Office

Sundeep Kishan pinned a lot of hopes on Okka Ammayi Thappa. He was all excited as the film got closer to the release date. Rajasimha Tadinada, a noted writer has turned director with this film. Posters and the title have raised interest over the film, check out here whether Okka Ammayi Thappa turned out to be a entertainer or torture to its audience.

Sundeep Kishan is alright in the lead role. His chemistry with Nitya Menon is impressive. The style and attitude shown by him when the protagonist gets on top of his game is good. Nitya Menen has very little to do in this film. Wonder why she opted to do this film as she is known to be very selective about her choices. Ravi Kishan is over the top. Ajay is okay. Ali is funny at times. Tagubothu Ramesh and Prudhvi add little value. Brahmaji also is wasted in a miniscule role. There is nothing to say about the other star cast that hardly makes their presence felt.


Okka Ammayi Thappa has an intriguing setup. Almost three quarters of the film runs on a flyover, which is first of its kind in Telugu cinema. Concepts like these need to have very good technical values, taut screenplay and extraordinary performances. Sadly Okka Ammayi Thappa doesn’t check any of the boxes above. No wonder he is all excited about OAT as the script should have sounded exciting on the paper, but sadly for him it turned out to be one of the most torturous experiences at the theaters in recent times.

Director’s attempt to generate the patriotic feel also backfired due to bad writing. At least the film had an opportunity to redeem itself towards the climax, but the director refused to do so. Sundeep Kishan has been looking for an opportunity to break the monotony and do some niche films.