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Nee Jathaleka First 1st Day Collection- Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Nizam Nee Jathaleka Collection

Naga Shourya has become a bankable hero now with some good hits under his belt. But, his first film which he acted, Ne Jataleka never saw the release light. Finally, the film managed to see the release today. Akhil (Naga Shourya) has a rich girlfriend called Swapna (Sarayu). He keeps fighting with her all the time and breaks up with her one fine day. Seeing Akhil’s condition, his best friend suggests him to make his girlfriend jealous so that she will come back to him.

Taking this as an advantage, Akhil requests his own friend’s girlfriend(Parul) to help him out. But the twist in the tale arises when both Akhil and Parul fall in love instead. What will they do now ? How will they manage their respective lovers and win their love ? That forms the rest of the story.


On the whole, Ne Jataleka is one film which Naga Shourya will want to erase from his memory as soon as possible. The outdated story line, bad performances, and boring narration kill this film completely. Ignore this film completely even if you are a huge Naga Shourya fan.

The triangle love story is on full swing. But the slow pace of the film, lack of proper drama and excessive length can get to you at times. One needs to instantly connect to such stories or else you can get lost easily. All those who want to see the fresh pairing can surely give this film a shot for their striking chemistry. But for the others, go in well prepared for the slow pace and lack of any basic entertainment.