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Nataraja Service Live Review, Rating (4/5) & Public Talk- 1st Day Box Office Collection Report

Nataraja Service is the latest 2016 Indian Kannada language romantic comedy film starring Sharan and Mayuri Kyatari in the lead roles. It is directed by Pavan Wadeyar, produced by N.S. Rajkumar and presented by Puneeth Rajkumar. Anoop Seelin has composed the film’s background score and music for its soundtrack.

Nataraja Service is the story between two characters Nataraja and Sahana. Nataraja is petty thief and gets caught regularaly. Nataraja dreams to become underworld Don, but steals things like milk packets and old newspapers. Nataraja finds a friend in the cop who arrests him. The cop himself is a thief turned cop, and has a soft corner for petty thieves like Nataraja. He believes in giving second chances to help criminals turn over a leaf.


Nataraja meets an unconscious girl Sahana by chance and falls in love. Sahana is a cute and homely girl, The girl soon finds out that he is a thief. But it is not just his profession that is the problem. The girl falls in love is bad news too. Anyone associated with her can forget about good fortune. They soon get embroiled in a mess where both the police and criminals are on hunt for these love birds.

Nataraja is a thief who is also not professional in that. He gets caught every time after every theft. He finds a cop who is also a thief turned cop and has some soft corner on all the thieves so that one day, even this thief will get to know what he is doing. In those situation, hero falls in love with a girl who carries bad luck with her.