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Mudhugauv First Day Collection, Business or Income- Live Review & Response Mudhugauv (Malayalam)

Friday Film House is a production banner which tries to bring in films with some kind of freshness. Yet again, they have come up with Mudhugauv, which hit the theatres today. Mudhugauv marks the debut of techie-turned-director Vipin Das. The director himself has scripted the film. The film ranked among the much-awaited movies list as the film is the launching vehicle of Suresh Gopi’s son Gokul Suresh Gopi.

Director Vipin Das recently stated in an interview that he had invested nearly 2 years in scripting this film. The story isn’t anything fresh, but definitely the presentation and some tweaks in the screenplay give a fresh feel to the film.

Vipin Das has also done a good job in making the film a perfect fun entertainer. Most of the comical situations have worked out perfectly. The director could be seen in full control of the film and has been successful in delivering an entertaining product.


Definitely, there are some sequences which could have been better, especially writer-director should have taken care in handling romantic sequences in the film.

Gokul Suresh has been the talking point of the film since the movie’s announcement. The debutante got a perfect character for the launchpad and has given a decent performance. He needs to work on his dialogue presentations. His cute smile is a big plus.

Arthana Vijaykumar gives an okay perfromance as Ganga. Vijay Babu stuns us with his new makeover as Rambo, he fits in to the character perfectly. Then there is Soubin Shaheer and Kanaaran Hareesh, who take up the duty of humour section effectively. Rest of the cast comprising of actors like Baiju, Abu Salim, Neena Kurup, Premkumar etc have done a decent job.

Staying true to the genre, Mudhugauv turns out to be a decent fun entertainer that is definitely worth a watch.