Box Office Collections

MSG Lion Heart 9th Day Collection, Business- 2nd Saturday Box Office Performance Report

MSG – The Warrior Lion Heart movie completed 8th day at the box office. Movie is receiving awesome response from the audience. What type of movie we need today? Kids want stunts, Youth needs action, suspense and middle aged people needs neat and clean movie. Old people too wants a social movie. U won’t believe that all these requirements have been fulfilled by the Lion Heart.


The story of the MSG Warrior Lion Heart is about a medieval warrior who fights for the honor of his land and the dignity which is very precious of the women in the society of the folk. Then the story got emerged with a new story which is in the modern period and the person who was the medieval fighter is now a person who is equivalent to James bond, which looks and thinks like him and has a very gentleman style towards his attendees and case.

The movie has got a huge hype and buzz in the whole world and the collection of the movie too is very impressive with, INR Rs.4.60 crore in five days. The movie got only RS.3.15 crore in the very first weekend and the Rs.1 crore. which is not very much expected because the expectations are quite greater after watching the trailer of the movie