Money in the Bank 2016 John Cena vs AJ Styles Match Winner, Result- Cena vs Styles Fight Video, Highlight

So, there is a really interesting booking opportunity occurring at Money in the Bank on Sunday night. AJ Styles vs. John Cena is a historic match that could go either way regarding who gets the win and the loss. It’s totally plausible for either John Cena to win or for AJ Styles to win. The hope is that this will lead to a trilogy of some sort with the culmination occurring at Summerslam.

However, there is a lot of speculation about if this is simply a once in a lifetime match, which it very well could be, or it could be the start of something bigger involved a lot more parties than just Cena and Styles. In the match, The Club is believed not to be a factor, but Finn Balor is being rumored to make his debut on Sunday.


There is a strong possibility that Finn Balor will be involved in the match in some way, which will most likely lead to a victory for Styles. If Balor gets involved, that is going to really complicate the entire feud going into the brand split. Cena has carried the WWE brand into an era where they’ve made more money than ever via multiple avenues of revenue as an entertainment juggernaut. Styles hasn’t been the top guy for just one company, but was a main-event feature in every other major televised wrestling organization in the world.

Styles will win the match and will showboat, drawing the rivalry farther yet. Then at the next paper view Cena will probably win. WWE will have Styles win so they can continue the rivalry because the question was when Cena was coming back, how would he fit in the story line? Well here’s your answer: have Styles and Cena go at it for a couple of months like Styles did with Chris Jericho until there is not reason to continue it.