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Mona Lisa Wedding tonight Bigg Boss 10 Episode Watch Online: Pics, Photo & Images

Sometimes, you find happiness in the most unexpected places and it came true for Bigg Boss inmate Monalisa. Early in the morning, the housemates wake up to the song Saanjan Ji Ghar Aae wondering what Bigg Boss is hinting at.


Later in the day, Bigg Boss calls for Mona and asks her to go inside the activity area. Mona gets extremely excited and enters the activity area to find her boyfriend Vikrant standing there waiting for her against a brightly lit romantic backdrop. Mona runs towards him and greets him with a tight hug. When Mona asks him the reason for his visit, he simply goes down on his knees, takes out a sparkling ring and proposes her for marriage.


Mona is over the moon and finds it all surreal. Vikrant further tells her that they are going to get married right there, inside the Bigg Boss house in everybody’s presence and Mona jumps with job unable to contain her excitement. When they both step inside the house, Bigg Boss makes an official announcement about Mona and Vikrant getting married in the house and that the contestants will have to take all the responsibilities of the wedding as her fellow inmates. Amongst the contestants, Lopamudra, Rohan and Manu are asked to be the ladkiwale while Bani and Manveer are made to be the ladkewale.

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