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Manamantha First Day Collection- Mohanlal Manamantha 1st Day Kerala, Karnataka Collection

Manamantha is the dubbed version of Vusmayam which is going to bang the box office screens Today i.e 5th August 2016. The film is launched in three languages with different names like in Malayalam it is named as Vismayam and in Tamil Namadhu. Movie is directed and penned by Chandra Shekhar Yeleti. If we talk about the star cast of the film then the cast of the movie starres one of the very known and famous star Mohanlal in the main lead role and in the female lead movie features Gouthami.

Movie is an family entertainer film which is full of emotion and drama with a touch of little romance. Story of Manamantha revolves around four person’s daily experiences. One of them is Sairam played by Mohnlal as a Assistant Manager of Supermarket, Second person is Gayatri played by Gouthami as a middle class wife who manage the family finances.


Another Person is Abhiram by Viswant who is an young graduate and struggled for his love. The last one is a kid Ramya Rao which is played by Mahitha who belongs to an middle class family and take care of an poor boy and pay for his education expenses. Movie showed day to day life struggle of the middle class families. The main attraction of the film is Manamantha is the way Mohanlal and Gouthami played their role. Another supporting cast who is seen in the film was Urvashi.

Manamantha story is one of the best working pillars. It worked very well, and the expertise of the director are really appreciable. The star performances by Mohanlal and Gouthami are appreciated. These have been the strengths of the film especially the acting of Mohanlal who lives his character. It gave more depth to his character as he dubbed by learning Telugu. Overall, Manamantha is a family drama film with a slow pace. It involves audience to get deep into the story. As the climax approaches, it gives the thrill and a small relief. Family drama fans will surely love it