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Mahesh Babu on Konchem Touch Lo Unte Cheptha Show- Mahesh Babu promote Brahmotsavam on TV Show KTUC

Superstar Mahesh Babu has finally made his television d├ębut by gracing the popular talk show, Konchem Touch Lo Unte Cheptha, during the third season. The sensational episode will be aired on Sunday, 22 May, exactly two days after the release of Brahmotsavam. It is known that Mahesh promotes his films rigorously each time and since Brahmotsavam’s release is in the offing, he is spending his days running around for the promotional events.

Though he has given many interviews to the TV channels in the past, Mahesh never appeared on a TV show in his 17 years old career. So, it is keeping his fans as well as the Telugu movie buffs, on their toes, to know whether Mahesh has unveiled his other side on the show, especially, because the show is known to be a freak-out space for celebs. On that note, this promo will leave you crave for more fun.


To thrill fans and movie lovers, Prince is coming to small screen to unfold exciting details about his personal and professional life. Mahesh Babu just finished shoot for the most popular talk show in Telugu, Konchem Touch Lo Unte Chepta Season 2.So, Mahesh, who promotes his films aggressively, has attended a popular show Konchem Touchlo Unte Cheptanu hosted by Pradeep Machiraju in a Zee Telugu channel. The management has cut a promo and released it on sunday.


During the show, Mahesh with funny expression apparently countered Pradeep, “Nuvvika Cinema lu cheyyoddamma.. Neeku ee show ye correct”. After that, everyone, including the viewers, bursts out of laugh!! So, to know what happened between them, you have to wait till next Sunday as it is going to telecast on 22nd May.