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Lakshmana First Day Collection- Karnataka, Kerala Collection of Lakshmana

Lakshmana IS A Kannada Movie, Karnataka state’s top politician H M Revanna’s son Anoop is all set to conquer the silver screen with the Lakshmana Movie. Lakshmana is the film which is being made in a prestigious manner as Revanna is taking care on the project. The silver screen in Bangalore is all set to experience the grand acting skills of Anoop. For the film Lakshmana, Anoop Revanna is looking well set and confident.

The actor is extremely confident about the film and so he already started his second film Panta in veteran S Narayan direction. Anoop after Lakshmana, will be seen in the film Panta. The already proved and successful film maker R Chandru arranged for Lakshmana visual release and two songs at the media meet at Green House Rave Rave Subbu Lakshmi…and Ninne Monne Ondaada Hridaya during the promotions and everyone was so much impressed with the music as well as the visuals.


The Kannada film is in scale of a Telugu film in terms of technical aspects and production values. R Chandru in the past had directed the film Charminar. Anoop is extremely confident about the film and said that his first shot for the film was helmet on to clear the fear in him but he slowly learnt the things and overcame the fear to survive through out the process. Also Anoop is hoping that he will earn a good name for his performance in the film. Lakshmana is laced with so many commercial elements and it will impress all classes of audiences.