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Laal Rang Review by Taran Adarsh, Komal Nahta- Laal Rang Rating, Public Review, Stars Performance

Laal Rang latest released Bollywood movie starring by Randeep Hooda, talented actor Randeep Hooda has been entertaining the audience with his outstanding performance in his films and now he is back with his latest outing Laal Rang Movie. The Laal Rang movie has been directed by Syed Ahmad Afzal and produced by Nitika Thakur on Krian Media.

Laal Rang is based on a very grim and serious issue of blood mafia. Many weren’t even aware such a thing existed before the trailer of this film highlighted it. And now we have the first impression of the film. Our critic, Urmimala Banerjee is watching the film. It seems the first half of the film lacked story but has a lot going for Akshay Oberoi.


Shankar (Randeep Hooda) is the kingpin of the thriving business of blood-theft in Karnal (Haryana). To get better access to blood-banks, he enrolls himself in a government college where he meets Rajesh. The latter is enamored by Shankar’s aura. They become thick friends and partners-in-crime. But greed and ego changes their equation

Positive Point- Laal Rang brings to the screen a very interesting topic with a full Haryanvi flavor. Randeep Hooda puts up an absolutely brilliant act.

Negative Point- The director tries to present a serious issue with a commercial twist but fails to get the right balance. Romantic twists and songs form as setbacks to a compelling storyline.

Laal Rang Review & Star Rating

The best thing about Laal Rang is its novel idea. It is dark, murky and lays the perfect plinth for an enchanting film. The bad news here is that it is an opportunity lost. Director Syed Ahmad Afzal fails to lap up the chance to deliver something memorable. His approach lacks clarity. The convoluted screenplay is unsure about where it is headed. Despite having all the makings of a macabre thriller, Syed goes for drama. There is romance, bromance, tears, heartbreak and enough material to make ‘fifty shades of sappy.


Randeep is the only one holding forte. He plays the brooding, elusive, sinister Shankar with elan. In the romantic scenes, he is effectively charming. At one point when he flashes a shy, dimpled smile at his girlfriend, you can’t miss that he has all the makings of rustic romantic hero. Alas, the moment passes too quickly. His co-actor Akshay Oberoi is affable and the two share a warm on-screen camaraderie, but their act cannot cover up for the glitches in the plot.