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Kung Fu Yoga Review by Audience Response

Kung Fu Yoga is one of those movies that you will really enjoy watching but just when you get all geared up for an exciting end, you’re in for some Bollywood level disappointment. The movie keeps you hooked to the screens till the very end. It has a little of everything you want in an entertaining film like history, drama, action, adventure and laughter.

Thankfully, there are no hardcore Bollywood-y romantic scenes or kisses in the film. The first half of the film is a complete entertainment package which takes place in China and Dubai. There is a crazy car chasing sequence that will remind you of a Rohit Shetty films. Because cars getting smashed for no reason, obviously. And let me tell you, there is more Kung Fu than Yoga in the film.


The film promises and man, there’s action! Watching Jackie Chan’s Kung Fu movies is worth all the money you spend on the film. The film is also visually good and there is humour at the right places. The second half of the film will literally make you nostalgic if you were a 90s kid who loved the idea of solving crimes or puzzles. Or if you loved watching those game shows on television where participants would have to unlock mysteries to find the hidden treasure.

Thankfully, there are no unnecessary songs or romantic scenes in the film and it focuses on the plot completely. It’s a complete entertainment package. It’s a lighthearted film that you can definitely watch with your kids. Disha plays a rather strong woman and not a damsel in distress which adds to the charm in the film. You will also see her fighting the bad guys.


It’s not a film that you must watch but if you do, you’ll definitely enjoy it. It’s a must watch only if you’re a Jackie Chan fan.