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Kotigobba 2 First Day Collection, Business- Sudeep Kotigobba 2 Live Update, Review & Audience Response

The screen cannot get enough of Sudeep in Kotigobba 2. The film is a star vehicle. The narrative expectedly and repeatedly stops and makes way for the slow motion sequences that focus on Sudeep’s hair flip, hand gestures, adjustment of his jacket, a variation of the cigarette flip and his voice, of course.

Director Ravikumar has attempted to serve a full platter and he succeeds by spinning a long yarn. You can identify one idea from here and another from there, but it is the packaging that saves the day and the audience are left with a ‘bang for the buck’ satisfaction. Having said that, Kotigobba 2 is a commercial film to the core. It is the kind of film where the leading man is actually a superhero without a suit. He is omnipotent and omnipresent.


Kotigobba 2 is a film built on a template. There is a fixed notion of where the next twist comes, where the duet fits, how long an action scene should be, and of course the one-liners for the fans to cheer. The film also requires an ensemble cast to keep up the tempo. So at regular intervals, new characters played by seasoned actors arrive. Ravishankar, Chikkanna, Sadhu Kokila, Nassar fulfil that in the first half while Devaraj, Prakash Rai and others take care of it in the latter half. Nithya Menen manages not to be just a glamorous prop.

This film will satisfy those looking to get entertained and keep a tab on getting back their money’s worth. It does not test Sudeep’s acting capabilities and only draws on his image and popularity. A great film for his fans and won’t disappoint the regular film audience.