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Kirik Party Live Update, Review & Rating Response- First Day Kerala Collection at Box Office

Kannada language film Kirik Party has been grasping attention with lots of appreciation since the release of its first look. Based on the life of college student who shares a great rapport with each other and stays together in every kith and kin. Studying in an engineering college, the story involves all the fun and frolics occur during college day rendering upon intense emotional journey also.

Kirik Party is a funride where you go back to your college days. On a whole the story is about gang of students who just joined engineering. As the juniors they start turning against their seniors due to an incident. Rakshit Shetty will lead this gang of students who experiences their many firsts. Rakshit Shetty falls in love with the final year student Rashmika Mandanna who plays the role of Saanvi. There will be certain incidents happening which will make Rakshit question on his basic thought process. How will Rakshit become a responsible adult from then forms the crust of the story.


It is the story of a gang of mischievous students, led by the protagonist Karna (Rakshit Shetty), who have just joined an engineering college. They belong to different streams of engineering but develop a strong bond while staying together in the hostel. Belonging to a small village, Karna comes across novel norms of a city lifestyle along with confronting all type of situation (mainly in trouble) with his group of friends who work hard to fuel a lot of mischief in and around the college.

During the first year, he befriends Saanvi (Rashmika Mandanna) a Final year student leading to various incidents, which impacts Karna’s life making him question his very basic thought process. So, the progression of Karna and his mates from being a bunch of mischief makers to responsible Men is the core of Kirik Party.