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Ki And Ka First Day Collection, Income or Kamai- Opening Business Box Office Report

Ki & Ka Firiday Day One Total Collection

Ki & Ka is an latest released Indian romantic comedy-drama film, starring Kareena Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor in the lead roles. The movie is written, directed, and produced by R. Balki. The film follows a young, married couple whose relationship challenges the gender roles placed upon women and men in Indian society. It is the first time that Arjun Kapoor and Kareena will be sharing screen space and the picture suggests it is something to look out for.

Apart from the fact that the Kabir-Kia duo looks absolutely comfortable in this sneak peak, this film also features Amitabh Bachchan and wife Jaya in a special appearance. While this picture is creating a lot of buzzes. Ki and Ka received a positive response from the release of its Trailer itself. Great to see a fresh new concept that may actually show gender equality for south Asian countries. Ki and Ka movie is releasing over 1600- 1700 screens in India and 500 theaters in Overseas. It is expected to cover the openings on this Friday with 40-50% of occupancy.


The story of the movie revolves around a man and a woman who are married but have a different lifestyle than regular couples. In the film, wife Kia (played by Kareena) is a career-oriented woman and the bread-winner of the house, whereas Kabir (played by Arjun) is a house-husband.The trailer shows the married pair– Kia and Kabir – challenging the gender roles placed upon people in the Indian society. Arjun looks adorable cooking in the kitchen and Kareena looks classy as a corporate woman. Arjun, who wants to become like his mother and thus, chooses to stay at home like her after marrying Kareena, who earns for the family. Ki and Ka movie is expected to mint 13 crores on the first day collection of release at the box office. Makers kept 30 crores on the making of the film.