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Kareena Kapoor Baby Pics, Photo & Video- 20th December Kareena Kapoor born Baby

Each time Kareena Kapoor Khan steps out of her Bandra pad, she sparks speculations around her royal baby. The most recent example: when her mum Babita and dad Randhir Kapoor visited her a few days ago, words flew thick and fast that she was ready to slip into the labour room in a matter of hours.

Rumours about her expected delivery have been making rounds for a few weeks now. The actress, BT has it, is due on December 20 and is expected to deliver at a SoBo hospital. At the moment, we can’t say whether she will opt for a surgery or follow the natural procedure. Her doctors will take a call closer to the due date depending on the baby’s position and Kareena’s health. For now, we’re just preparing to welcome our grandkid.


The actress who is due for December 20 can deliver any minute and this is something the entire industry is looking forward to. But when Bebo was unaware, partying with her friends before Christmas set in, a 4 minute video had already gone viral on the Internet. The video claimed to have footage of Kareena Kapoor’s delivery.