Kapil Sharma Show New Year Full Episode Online- 31st Dec Night Kapil Sharma Show

New Year special episode of The Kapil Sharma Show will be a highly entertaining one. Not only because this is the last day of this year but also a very entertaining guest is ready to make you laugh to the fullest. Last week we have seen Sunny Leone, Daniel Weber and Super Kids as guests on Christmas episode of TKSS. In the 31-12-2016 episode of TKSS, guest Priyanka Chopra spent a great time with host Kapil Sharma and his entire team.


The audience enjoyed each and every moment. You will love every moment of this episode video. Before that let me tell you something about the guest. She is now an International star also with a huge fan following in India. She is also known as desi girl in Bollywood. Yes, she’s non-other than Priyanka Chopra.

Kapil Sharma while interviewing Priyanka asks her, ” In America, Can somebody ring the doorbell and runs ?” Priyanka says, I was also having the same question in my mind. I thought lets try. Nobody came to know about it. And I ran away. To this the audience, Kapil and Siddhu started laughing.