Kapil Sharma Show first episode TRP Rating- Kapil Sharma Show beat Comedy Nights Live TRP

The grand premiere of Kapil Sharma’s brand new show The Kapil Sharma Show, unfolded like no other. After unleashing his charm and his ability to crack jokes on his popular and widely followed show Comedy Nights With Kapil Sharma, the prince of comedy is back. Sharma could not have gotten it any better as the grand premiere was graced by the presence of none other than Shah Rukh Khan. Well, the SRK is known for his wit and Kapil for his crude one-liners that spare no one.

So the jodi had us giggling right til the end. What marred the excitement in the intial part was that jokes were far and few between and most of them were really crass and below the belt. But as the audiences warmed up to the show the real flavor of the new innings, so to speak, for Kapil Sharma started coming to the forth.


Kapil Sharma started the show with interviewing the audience and the people just shares their emotional moments. According to the sources, SRK will promote his latest release Fan on the show.

Sumona comes with cracking jokes on Arvind Kejriwal and trying to impress Shah Rukh Khan, Kapil tries to throw away and she justified that she was just passing by, Kapil replied who passes through the stadium. Kapil Jokes what if SRK’s son got a chance in Telugu movies, then he starts acting like someone speaking like in Telugu with Shah Rukh. King Khan talks about the ladies and then Ali Asgar comes in saree takes fun with BCCI top officials. He comes to SRK and tells she wants to have a kiss with him.


Sunil Grover comes in an attire of Haryana Police Women and starting showing lust on SRK. He tells that that he is the biggest fan of him and starting dancing revealing his clothes to just like Gaurav in FAN Movie, SRK beats him and fills his maang with Kumkum.