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Kapil Sharma Show First Episode Review & Reaction- Last Night Kapil Sharma Show with Shahrukh Khan Response

Kapil Sharma and Colors’ war has been all over. In the last few months, the Kapil-Krushna battle has also gained momentum. Remember how Krushna Abhishek and team faced all the brickbats after their first episode of Comedy Nights Live where they took several digs at Kapil? Well, Kapil stayed silent but now, he is coming back to rule the small screen, one more time. With his new TV show The Kapil Sharma Show all set to hit from tonight only on Sony TV.


Kapil Sharma, his team and the king khan shot live for his first episode of The Kapil Sharma Show in Delhi. The characters have been gone through drastic changes. The major part of the show focused on the introduction of the main characters. Kapil Sharma introduced his players before the live audience that went berserk on seeing them. However, the best moment was the entry of Shah Rukh Khan, who came as a part of promotions for Fan. The hot seat was occupied by Navjot Singh Sidhu, who is also a Kapil Sharma loyalist.


There were many moments on the show that ranged from cute to hilarious to goofy. With two witty and knowledgeable men on stage, Kapil and Shah Rukh Khan, there was no dearth of one-liners. The actor who hails from Delhi recounted an anecdote from his teenage years that proved that the hero was also human. Sumona Chakravarti had a small banter with Kapil and Shah Rukh on stage. Chandan Prabhakar’s presence was negligible in the first episode.


Review of Kapil Sharma Show will be incomplete without a mention of Sunil’s performance as Suman. He made a rocking entry as Suman, a Haryanvi female cop who is enamoured with SRK. Kapil Sharma and his team are probably the best in the country. The first episode entertained us throughout the one and a half hours. We saw a wonderful bonding between the audience and cast, which was sweet.