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Kadamban Teaser / Trailer Online, HD Video- Arya Karthi Kadamban Trailer Review, Response & Live Update

Actors Suriya, Karthi and Vishal came together on Monday to support their colleague and friend Arya’s upcoming film Kadamban. The leading pack of young actors released the teaser and first look posters online even as they praised Arya’s look in the upcoming film, in which he plays a tribal character.

At 5 PM, Karthi took to Twitter to release the first look poster of Kadamban that showed Arya in a never seen before avatar. Arya is seen sporting a chiselled body while holding a stick in one hand as he stands in the backdrop of a forest.


The second poster of the film was released by Vishal and it takes the first prize. Arya is seen running along with a herd of elephants, showing off his sculpted physique one more time. Kadamban teaser, meanwhile, shows an intense looking Arya staring down the forest while standing atop a mountain. It ends with the visuals of him running along a group of elephants.

The posters and teaser, indeed, manage to capture the attention of the viewers. The promo video is visually rich and impressive. The film has been shot in the forests of Keral