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Kabali First Day First Show Collection- Morning Show 4 AM Collection, Business

Not just multiplexes, star hotels in the city too are trying to cash in on the Kabali wave. The Rajinikanth-starrer is set to create history in Indian cinema by being the first movie to premier in star hotels. It will be screened for three days starting Friday.

With that moment, months of anticipation, several days of excitement, the desperate efforts to get a ticket and the hours of waiting outside the theatre amidst sweat and noise was all worth it. There he was. As Rajinikanth appeared on the screen close to 4:20am at Chennai’s Kasi Theatre, during the first show on the first day of the movie’s release, the crowd went batshit crazy.


There is no madness like Rajini-madness.

The festivities, however, had been going on since 3am. The silent Chennai night burst out with Rajini-mania in the wee hours of July 22. Firecrackers were burst and huge posters were erected, some of which were later taken down by the police for being traffic hazards.

Selfies were taken with giant cutouts, and fans screamed for hours together just to keep the excitement going. The police were having a tough time controlling the crowd. Some were drunk, while the rest were just high on Thalaivar. Kasi theatre has only 700 seats, but far more had arrived there, hoping against reason that they could somehow land a ticket.


For nearly 15 minutes, there were empty celebrations inside without anything being played on the screen. As the screen came to life, the crowd burst out again. A film promo played, and it was pitifully ignored. Then Kabali’s censor certificate popped up, and the crowd went berserk. The moment was nearing.

And then, Rajinikanth’s trademark title played out, with Superstar written in blue dots, and Rajni in yellow a permanent feature of every Rajini movie. The movie began, and in a few minutes in, Rajinikanth walked to life on the silver screen, this time as Kabali.