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John Abraham lifts Car in Force 2 Video, Photos or Pic- Force 2 John Lifts 1580 Kgs Mercedes Benz

John Abraham has been redefining the realms of conventional Indian movie action since a few years now. The actor, who’s been pushing boundaries with every passing action film, might just have upped it a tad too high.

The actor, whose iconic bike-lift from Force still gives fans some serious adrenaline kick, as per a Mumbai Mirror report, has lifted a mind-boggling 1580 kgs heavy Mercedes Benz in the film’s upcoming sequel, Force 2. John who busted his knee while shooting for the film in Romania last year and subsequently underwent three corrective surgeries, shot for the Mercedes sequence earlier this month in Mumbai.


He began prepping up by working out in the gym for six-seven hours every day and keeping a close watch on his diet four-five months before we began shooting. However, it was tricky as he hadn’t been able to go to the gym after the accident and so he had to start gaining weight from scratch. He has done a commendable job, Vipul exclaims.

Director Abhinay Deo is leaving no stone unturned to deliver high octane action film with Force 2.