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Jakkanna First Day Collection, Business- Sunil Jakkanna Live Review, Update & Audience Response

Jakkanna Is a Telugu Movie, Sunil starring Jakkanna movie releasing on 29th july. Sunil is experiencing incline stage right now. He has been feeling it tough to make it big with the success of the film. All his late motion pictures bombarded in the cinema world. He has lost the greatness. He is currently attempting to convey even a normal motion picture with some small content oriented one with full on entertainment.

Jakkanna story deals with the journey of a man named Ganesh (Sunil), getting involved in various people’s lives wishing to repay them for the help he received. Sunil plays the role of a guy who never forgets the people who helped him. He enters into their lives to give back but creates all kinds of mess. Theatrical trailer of Jakkanna got an awesome response with 100% comedy elements in it. Director Vamsi Akella who earlier directed ‘Raksha’ has done a wonderful role in scripting a comedy entertainer.


Jakkanna Movie is a complete comedy and romantic oriented film with a fresh concept. He got a huge fan following with his comedy, the way of dialogue deliverers and the timing was simply superb. Mannara Chopra is the cousin of Priyanka Chopra. Mannara Chopra is a model and actor working in both Telugu and Hindi languages.

t can be said that it is the best comeback film for Sunil. Jakkanna will bring Sunil into the right track now. The movie has excellent supporting star cast. Pruthvi has spelled the dialogues of Balakrishna tremendously. Everyone in the movie has a role to play and no role is placed just for the heck of it. The movie has received a positive response from the release soon after its release.