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Jackson Durai Live Review, Update & Audience Response- First Day Collection Report at Box Office

Jackson Durai movie review and rating is here. Directed by Dharani Dharan, the film stars Sathyaraj, Sibiraj and Bindu Madhavi in important roles. Continue reading our movie review to know what exactly does this horror-comedy has to offer. Like most horror films, Jackson Durai houses a haunted bungalow, situated at a village. Thanks to this haunted place, villagers restrain themselves from stepping out of their houses after 9PM.

In this movie Sibiraj is touted to play the role of a cop who will come to the village to rescue the people from the Ghost. How Sibiraj will rescue the villagers from the ghost and will he face any trouble during the process ? forms the crust of the story. Sathyaraj, Sibiraj and Bindu Madhavi has done fabulous job in their roles.


Sibiraj, who comes across as a policeman, is sent to this village to carry out an investigation and throw some light on the unusual happenings around the bungalow. Sibiraj falls in love with Bindu Madhavi and when he approaches her father with a marriage proposal, he meets Karunakaran, a relative of Bindu, who’s been waiting in the pipeline to marry her. Bindu’s father asks both Sibi and Karuna to stay in the haunted bungalow for few days and that whoever makes it alive out of the place will get to marry his daughter.

The 1st show of Jackson Durai is over now and audience reviews about the film are out now. As according to viewers, the 1st half of the movie is good but it fails to impress in 2nd half. After 1st half when we were excited about 2nd half, the movie falls in 20 minutes. Jackson Durai meets the expectations but it doesn’t surpass.