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Its You Lyrics by Arjun, Zayn- Arjun Its You (Cover) Song Lyrics & Video

its-you-arjun-song-lyricsVery popular cover singer, composer & lyricist Arjun is back with his new cover song Its You Zayn Cover Song. The song has composed by Arjun & sung by Arjun, KHS where original song is sung by Zayn Malik. The official video of Its You Arjun was out today and they gets good response from the fans and a good number of views in just 1 day. After releasing the song fans of Arjun where looking for the It’s You Song Lyrics given below written by Zayn Malik.

Its You Song Details

  • Song Name: Its You
  • Singer: Arjun & KHS
  • Music Composed: Arjun
  • Lyrics: Zayn Malik
  • Music Label: Arjun
  • Song Duration: 3.06

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Arjun Its You Cover Song Lyrics | Its You Arjun KHS Song Lyrics

She Got, She Got
She Got
Her Own Reasons For Talking To Me

She Don’t, She Don’t
She Don’t
Give A Fu*k
About What I Need

And I Can’t Tell You Why
Because My Brain Can’t Equate It
And Tell Me Your Lies
Because I Just Can’t Face It
It’s You, It’s You, It’s You

I Won’t, I Won’t, I Won’t
Cover My Scars
I’ll Let ’em Bleed
So My Silence
So My Silence Won’t
Be Mistaken For Peace

Am I Wrong For Wanting Us To Make It
And Tell Me Your Lies
Because I Just Can’t Face It
It’s You, It’s You, It’s You