Imtiaz Ali’s India Tomorrow Short Movie Online- India Tomorrow Imtiaz Ali 5 Min Short Film

Director Imtiaz Ali is back again with a hard hitting film. This time it is on the digital platform. A short film by the ace director has been released online. The movie titled India Tomorrow is the story of breaking stereotypes, unfulfilled dreams, hope, change in perspective, crisis, and sex- all wrapped in just five minutes. The film solely relying on a conversation between a sex worker and her customer has you see the possibility of an alternate reality.

The five-minute long film by Ali shows a sex worker in a conversation with her client about the stock market. Ali said that he has several powerful stories that he plans to make at regular intervals. According to Ali, with this film he is opening up the doors to the digital world and stressed that as short films are available on the internet it gives people easy access to them and longevity to the films. Ali has taken the social media route to promote his short films as there isn’t any budget available to promote the film.

India Tomorrow Imtiaz Ali’s 5 Min Short Movie | Imtiaz Ali India Tomorrow Short Film on Sex Worker

The man eventually turns to her for advice as she seems to be much better informed than himself. To see a sex worker give expert comments on business strategies comes as a shock. It stirs up something inside of you that makes you think- what could have been? Well, I think a lot. Anyone can bring a change. Everyone has the potential to be successful.