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Iddaram Audience Review Live Update, Public Talk- First Day Collection Iddaram (Telugu)

The Tollywood poetic youthful love story Iddaram had been released and the movie is directed by Sudhakar Vinukonda nd features Sanjeev and Sai Krupa playing the main lead roles. The movie had been released along with other movies like Antham, Aa Mugguru, Friend request all of which are small budget movies and the makers of the movie are expecting good collections as there are no big movies right now in the theaters.

Iddaram is a Tollywood poetic love story which had been released today along with other movies like Aa Mugguru, Friend Request and others. The movie is the directorial venture of Sudhakara Vinukonda and the movie features Sanjeev and Sai Krupa playing the main lead roles. The movie also features other actors like Surya, Ranganath, Jeeva, Basha and Prashanthi playing supportive roles.


Iddaram is a poetic love story with thrilling twists and suspense. It is the story of Ajay, who one day woke up in a hospital with no memory of the past. To his utter shock doctor said that recollecting his memories is almost impossible. An old man came to him saying that they both were very close. A girl is following him and even proposed her love for him. Ajay too fell in love with her. when he explained his condition, she forced him to find his past.