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Hit or Flop: Brahmotsavam Audience Reaction after watching the movie- Comments, Tweets & Status on Social Media

The stage is completely set for ‘Brahmotsavam‘ and USA premiere shows have already ended. The first talk is not positive and there has been lots of negative criticism among fans. Fans are venting their rage as the movie is filled with over dosage of melodrama and the first half of the movie itself has six songs.

The movie is releasing in more number of screens and that itself is carrying more expectations. Now this negative talk might hamper the box office collections of the movie. Apart from this, the movie faces another threat too.


Even though the advance bookings were phenomenal across Telugu speaking states, the movie is going to have a tough time in coastal areas. For past two days, heavy rains have struck these areas and the downpour is expected for another three days.

So this is also going to hamper the collections of the movie. Even though the hurdles are not so big on day one, the following days are going to have lots of threat. The negative criticism might also stop families from turning up to movie halls.


Positive Points: The rolling titles of the movie were interesting and represented the family tree of the Ikshvakus. A lot can be spoken about the movie’s visuals and sets. Mahesh Babu’s chemistry with Kajal and Samantha is worth watching. Rao Gopal Rao’s animation in the movie came as a surprise.

Negative Points: Brahmotsavam is a slow paced movie that tests the audience’s patience. There are no fan moments in the film where one can talk about. To keep the audience glued to the screen, there has to be entertainment which was lacking in Brahmotsavam. The movie was more like listening to a two and half hour lecture.