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The Ghazi Attack Live Review & Audience Response

Every now and then comes a movie that leaves you pleasantly surprised. Last year, it was Sonam Kapoor’s terrific Neerja. This year, it’s the multi lingual The Ghazi Attack. Even after watching that impressive trailer, I surely hadn’t much hopes about the final product, because submarine drama is a genre we have never attempted before and the fact that it is directed by a debutante. But The Ghazi Attack turned out to be much more better than my expectations.


The Ghazi Attack is a fictionalized version of what happened to PNS Ghazi, Pakistan’s most decorated submarine that was mysteriously sunk during the 1971 Indo Pak War. While Indian army claimed it was their doing, Pakistani intelligence refuted that saying it was an internal problem.

Untold stories have their intrinsic charm and more so if there’s a nationalistic tinge to it. Ghazi Attack looks back on the unknown, unheard underwater war which never found a mention in history. While everything about the Indo-Pakistan war of 1971 is chronicled, this particular story never found its way into press or made its mark in text books. Sometime before the infamous Bangladesh war broke out, the Pakistani submarine PNS Ghazi was sent to the Bay of Bengal to destroy the Indian aircraft carrier INS Vikrant.

India puts its best men on the job and set up a secret operation to take down Ghazi. Indian Navy in its official records claimed that Ghazi was overpowered by them but Pakistan maintained that their submarine died an unfortunate death after colliding with landmines. There are multiple theories to the Ghazi episode and yet not much is popularly known.

The film might feel stretched and overdone. Close to the climax, there is a silly scene in which people on the enemy ship can hear the noise from a submarine parked close by. But these are minor issues which one can forgo. If you don’t nitpick and want to watch a genuinely uplifting film, this should be your go-to stop.