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Full Speech: Modi Parade Ground at Dehradun Uttarahand- 27th Dec Tuesday Modi Dehradun Speech Video

The city is gearing up for Prime Minister Narendra’s Modi rally on Tuesday at the Parade Ground even as a minor controversy brew over the district authorities’ initial decision to close all schools in view of the rally. However, the order was reversed after DM Ravinath Raman claimed that the police had intimated them about alternate route arrangements being made which did not necessitate closure of schools.

Meanwhile, work progressed at a frantic pace at the Parade Ground on Tuesday with an army of workers involved in making the venue ready for the rally where the PM will launch the 900-km long Chardham Highway Development Project.


Police officials said that heavy security arrangements are being put in place to ensure the event goes off smoothly. “No vehicle will be allowed to ply near the venue on the day. Route diversions are also being announced so that people do not face inconvenience while commuting,” said Sweety Agarwal, senior superintendent of police (SSP).

1- National President of Bhartiya Janata Party and our respected guide Sri Rajnath Singh Ji, President of the state, Sri Tirath Ji, Former CM of the sate Shri Bhuvan Chandra Ji, Shri Bhagat Singh Ji, Sri Ramesh Ji, All the senior members of the party present on the dias and all my friends of this holy land assembled here in such a large number..!


2- Friends, I rushed here in that moment of crisis, but political ruthlessness drove me away from here. That pain, the agony, the suffering still makes me tremble..! I keep worrying that the difficult weather is about to begin, how will the affected families thrive amidst the snow..!

3- Friends, whether the government is in Delhi or in Dehradun, these are the people who are disconnected from the public, and immune at heart.

4- Friends, in the entire world, tourism is the fastest growing sector. Business opportunity of almost 3 trillion dollar lies in the tourism business. It is belief of Indians and the people of entire world who are fed of materialism and searching for peace, they are also looking for place in this land. Not only India, but we can get people from across the world to bow down to Uttarakhand..!

5- Friends, the way Uttarakhand is a spiritual environment zone, there is another SEZ character here. This is a land that strengthens the defense of India..! Every family, every village here has a tradition of producing soldiers who can die for the nation.