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Fukri 14th Day Collection- Two Weeks Box Office Response

Fukri Second Week Kerala Box Office Collection

Remember the comedy entertainers Ramji Rao Speaking, In Harihar Nagar, Mannar Mathai Speaking and Friends directed by the successful combo of Siddique and Lal that can still make us laugh despite watching them 100 times? But the magic that worked well for the combo during those days seems to be missing in the movies that are not co-directed by them.


Siddique’s latest directorial venture Fukri, starring Jayasurya, also misses that magic, and as a result, it just enters the ‘one-time watchable’ movie list. Though the movie doesn’t have much fresh content to offer, humour elements and notable performances of a few remain to be its saving factors. Fukri deals with several topics, including family, relationships, religious emotions, sentiments, romance, cheating and a lot more.

Lukman aka Lucky, an engineering dropout, is introduced in the movie during a technical exhibition where he attempts to present a machine that helps in taking bath. The project he does with Franklin (Bhagath Manuel), however, fails due to a technical glitch showing how unlucky they are. In an attempt to make money quickly, Lucky and his friends land in trouble and they come across a lot more with Lucky getting a whole new identity with his arrival in Fukri Banglavu and Madathoor Madom.