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First Look: Kapil Sharma Show Set, Shahrukh Khan or Honey Singh Pics

There is a buzz and ring of impatience when it comes to Kapil Sharma’s show on Sony TV. Everyone is eagerly waiting to find out what is cooking on the sets of The Kapil Sharma Show and how it will be different from everything they’ve done so far.

When the first promo came out, Sharma gave a us a glimpse into the shoot of it through Instagram. Shah Rukh Khan has already shot for the first promo of the show, and, from all that we’ve heard, it seems to be an exciting one. With SRK backing Sharma, we are sure the comedian will definitely rock the first episode.


The Set of this new show was terrific and very attractive some of the postures are nicely done by the maker and set is very unique as compared to other sets of this type of Shows like Comedy Night Bachao, Indian Laughter Show and many more. India’s funniest host Kapil Sharma, is back with his brand new show of Laughter On Sony Tv So just wait for the telecast.


This show also gonna for last long and everyone loves this host alot for that type of shows. Audience also loves their anchoring also because this person is a versatile type of Host. He has known how he can entertain the audience by saying some line between entering his jokes in it for the enjoyment of Audience.