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Fan IMDb, Indiaglitz Critics Review- Story is not much good but still Entertaining

  • Movie: Fan (2016)
  • Director: Maneesh Sharma
  • Cast: Shahrukh Khan

Bollywood’s most romantic actor is again spreading love on silver screen with Maneesh Sharma’s recent directorial venture Fan. Makers have presented this action drama by the name of Shahrukha Khan and his fan Gaurav and ofcourse tasted almost failure. The audience as well as critics seems confused whether to take it as romantic movie or an action comedy and the point is, both are incomplete. It looks like director Maneesh Sharma was trying to give a touch of his direction. We must say, this is an awful attempt of Maneesh to attach some action scene in this film. Also his direction has number of loopholes, which are not really hard to note out.

Fan has longer run time than normal Hindi movies but still its story seems unconnected. Second half of the movie is slightly better than the first one, because the showcased both the Shahrukh Khan (Aryan & Gaurav) looks happening after the interval. Performances of the casts are good, especially Kajol she has played her character superbly.


Shah Rukh Khan is a superstar, so there is no point to talk about his performance, he always does well. Apart from number of loose points, Fan has some emotional, comic & romantic sequences also which holds audience till the end. Action sequences are also very well choreographed, for which Maneesh Sharma is best known. These positive points makes the movie entertaining to some level. For its Music, Dialogues, Action & Cast Performances, Fan gets 3.5 stars out of 5.

Overall, the film was got a decent response from the public as well; Fan of SRK was never being disappointing to watch his film in the theatres. SRK had given our movie Fan Anthem song in the college. The crowd will love to watch & hear that song. According to the experts thinking, we advise that for this movie you go through personally to watch in the theatres.