Extreme Rules 2016 Roman Reigns vs AJ Styles Match Result, Winner- Roman Reigns Aj Style Extreme Rule Fight Photos, Video & Highlight

WWE World Heavyweight Championship, there is never any time to rest and never any time to celebrate. Roman Reigns found this out first hand at Extreme Rules. After narrowly defeating AJ Styles with the Spear in a brutal Extreme Rules match, The Big Dog found himself on the receiving end of a Pedigree from Seth Rollins. In front of a raucous, sold-out crowd at the Prudential Center, The Architect sent a clear message to the reigning champion: Seth Rollins is redesigned, rebuilt and ready to reclaim the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.


The shocking return of the former champion was the cap on a brutal evening surrounding WWE’s top prize. Despite the anything goes nature of the bout, Styles tried to employ traditional grappling methods to take control shortly after the opening bell. However, Roman Reigns was in no mood for catch-as-catch-can exchange, instead opting to pummel Styles with hard clotheslines and a jumping knee to the face. The clobbering forced The Phenomenal One to change his game plan on the fly, introducing a steel chair into the bout before the action spilled out into the WWE Universe.


The championship struggle made its way to the set of the Extreme Rules Kickoff, where Reigns threw Styles onto the panel’s desk in hopes of taking a breather. However, the champion’s brief respite also gave the challenger time to recover and connect with a Phenomenal Forearm that brought the sold-out crowd to its feet.

Roman Reigns saw the writing on the wall after taking Styles from the debris back into the squared circle, but Styles managed to avoid the Superman Punch. The Phenomenal One could not avoid Reigns’ wrath, as The Big Dog grabbed his challenger and whipped him into the LED board on the ring apron and the barricade before viciously powerbombing Styles through the Spanish commentary table.


A battle-worn Reigns was able to clutch his title, but only for a moment, until The Architect made his return. After planting Reigns into the mat, Rollins took the title he never lost and held it high, letting the world know that he’s back, and nothing will stop him from getting the WWE World Heavyweight Championship back