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Dhyanimani Pune Mirror, Mumbai Mirror Review- 1st Day Box Office Response from Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur

Dhyanimani First Day Box Office Collection

Dhyanimani is a familiar name. It is based on a popular play of the nineties, with the same title and by the same writer/ director. Other than a marginal updating of certain details, the film makes no radical changes and sticks to the ideas that worked for the play.


Samir (Khandkekar) and Aparna Karandikar (Deshpande) have just found out about Aparna’s pregnancy. Determined to make the most of their non-parent status, they plan a small weekend trip to visit Sada (Manjrekar). Sada is an ex-student of Samir’s father, and he resides in Roha with his family. Sada, his wife Shalini (Bhave) and Mohit live on the site of a resort project being built by the company he works for.

Sada and Shalini welcome Karandiakars, but Mohit is out for the day on a school picnic. As the night approaches and there is no sign of Mohit, Shalini panics and pesters Sada to find out the reason behind the delay. As the situation gets more tense, we realise that all is not what it seems to be.

Dhyanimani could have been far more effective with a realist treatment, especially in the first half. The nature of the film changes at midpoint with a big revelation, but throughout the portion preceding it, the treatment preempts the revelation. Odd camera angles at Sada’s house, Sada’s positioning as a suspeect, and the background score, are enough to give away the twists much earlier than needed. The film’s music (Ajit Parab) is probably the most obvious plot spoiler.