Dehradun Police Horse Shaktiman death 20 April at 7 PM: injured Police horse Shaktiman died

Police horse Shaktiman which was injured during a BJP protest in Dehradun, died on Wednesday. Shaktiman’s injured leg was amputated last month to stop the spread of gangrene in his body. BJP MLA Ganesh Joshi, accused of assaulting the horse was arrested after national outrage over the incident.

Shaktiman was injured on March 14 after which we had to operate on him. He was later fitted with an artificial leg. But he was unable to fully recover from an infection. The 13-year-old was given a prosthetic leg and was confined to the police lines. It was a well trained horse and part of Uttarakhand Mounted Police for years.


A team of ten doctors performed a five-hour surgery on the horse, a pampered member of the police force for last ten years. The horse had refused to eat after operation, said officials who were taking care of. The horse was allegedly attacked by BJP MLA Ganesh Joshi during a protest in Dehradun. Shaktiman was part of the Uttarakhand Mounted Police.

A couple of days ago, reports had stated that Shaktiman was recovering well and had started walking after a prosthetic leg was arranged for and fixed by Jamie Vaughan, an American animal lover who lives in Paro, Bhutan and runs an animal shelter there. Meanwhile, blaming the Congress government in the state, BJP leader Ajay Bhatt said, An innocent animal died because of the state govt’s mistake and no proper treatment was given to it.