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Darling 2 (Tamil) First Day Collection- Live Audience Response & Review

Darling 2 Opening Day Box Office Collection

Darling is the super hit film that released in 2015. The film served as a strong launch for popular music director G.V. Prakash Kumar as an actor. Now, K.E.Gnanavelraja, who had produced the film under his Studio Green banner has come up with Darling 2 falling under the same horror-comedy genre. The makers have confirmed that this will not be the second part of ‘Darling’ and it just shares the common genre and hence the title as been used as Franchise.

Darling 2 concept is based on the real-time incident which occurred in Director Satish Chandrasekaran. He finished this script at 2012 itself, after approaching lots of producers no one is willing to produce it so, he wanted to shoot this movie as the crowd funded the movie with Rameez Raja who also featured in this movie in leading role. When producer K.E.Gnanavel Raja seen this movie he up comes to produce it and also changed this movie name from JINN to Darling 2.


The horror movies have become so much hackneyed that hardly many attempt to have a glimpse on it these days. Even the scariest moments have turned out to be timeworn elements. There were times, when even a swinging chair or ghostly apparition suddenly appearing would throw Goosebumps, but everything has become a commonality. Something exceptional came with Darling, where the horror was mixed with humour and now it looks like Jinn now renamed as Darling 2 released by K.E. Gnanavel Raja of Studio Green Films should be yet another inclusion in this league.

Darling 2 is releasing on around 500 screens worldwide, which is comprised of 200+ screens in Tamil Nadu. As per the early report made on the basis of its advance booking, it is expected to start on a decent note in the state and will witness good occupancy. The opening day box office collection of this flick is estimated to around 8 crores on TN screens only.