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Dangal Movie Dialogues, Aamir Khan- Top 5 Dialogues Dangal Movie

Aamir Khan‘s Dangal trailer is out and we are yet to get over it because it’s damn difficult. We haven’t seen a more powerful trailer ever. It’s everything we hoped it would be. Dangal was one film we have been waiting to watch eversince it was announced because with Aamir Khan it is guaranteed that the film will entertain each and every one.


Dangal will do more than just that. It will tell everyone how a man from Haryana has managed to make champions out of his daughters at a place where boys were deeply sought after. The trailer gives a peek into the mentality of Mahavir Phogat at the start when he wanted a boy instead of a girl.

1- Mein Humsha Ye Sochke Rota Raha Ki, Chora Hota To Desh Ke Liye Gold Lata, Yo Baat Mere Samajh Mei Naa Aayi Ki Gold To Gold Hota Hai Chora Lawe Ya Chori

2- Medallists Per Pe Nahi Ugte, Unhe Banana Padta Hai

3- Ek Baat Humesda Yaad Rakhna Beta Agar Silver Jeeti To Aaj Nahi To Kal Tanne Log Bhul Jwaenge, Gold Jeeti To Misaal Ban Jawegi

4- Aur Misaale Di Jaati Hai Beta, Boli Nahi Jati

5- Har wo cheez jo tumhaara pehlwaani se dhyaan hatawegi main unhe hata dunga.