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#CoffeeWithDReview: 1st / First Day Collection Box Office Report

Coffee With D Review by Taran Adarsh, Rajeev Masand

Coffee with D packs in high intensity torture in a short span of time. A supposed comic satire that hopes to mock the state of Indian news channels, this one manages little beyond lewd humour and tacky production values. It is a film where the lead decidedly mimics that infamous news anchor and inadvertently packs in a loose Shah Rukh Khan impression.

Arnab Ghosh (Sunil Grover) is a table-thumping, loud-mouthed journalist modelled after a popular prime time news anchor. His antics, though they generate ratings, fail to amuse the channel boss, who relegates him to a less important slot as the host of a cooking show. Disturbed by the demotion and with a heavily pregnant wife (Anjana Sukhani), he decides to go for the big kill – an interview with the dreaded don D (Zakir Hussain). He lures the don out to grant him an interview and accompanies a fashion writer (Dipannita Sharma) and his two-man crew to Pakistan.


Sunil Grover’s portrayal as Arnab Goswami will make sure you laugh your heads off. Rajesh Sharma, who plays the Chief Editor of the news channel, also delivers a funny and fairly decent performance. One thing that I really liked was that every time Sunil took a cigarette out in the film, there was a Smoking Kills message in the bottom right of the screen, which made him throw the cigarette rather than lighting it. Zakir Hussain’s performance stood out in the film.

The writing could have been much better. Zakir Hussain was the only actor holding the fort and keeping us hooked to the screen. The plot was quite interesting but the performances didn’t match up to it. There is a scene where Parul (Anjana Sukhani) calls Arnab to remind him of the oath that they took as journalists. A strong scene performed poo