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Clash of Champions 2016 Winners, Result & Live Update- WWE RAW PPV Clash of Champions Fights, Kevin Owens, Seth Rolling, Roman Reigns

The first Raw-exclusive pay-per-view of the new era is almost here. On Sunday, September 25th, every Raw branded title will be defended at Clash of Champions, which is looking to be an explosive event that will resolve tons of storylines that have been brewing since the 2016 draft.

The main event is the Universal Championship match between Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins. Rollins feels, somewhat justifiably, that he was cheated out of what’s rightfully his when Triple H interfered in the Universal Championship match earlier this month. Will he be able to capture the title this time? Will Kevin Owens retain? And will Triple H make another appearance?


Plus, we have brawls over the Women’s Championship, the United States Championship, the Tag Team Championship, and the Cruiserweight Championship, in addition to the end of Sheamus and Cesaro’s best-of-seven series.

And yet again, there is the belief that Roman Reigns will turn heel against another heel. For those who watched WWE SummerSlam, that almost happened though somehow it failed to flicker. Could it be better the second time around

Which WWE Clash of Champions match are you looking forward to ?

Kevin Owens V/s Seth Rollins
Rusev V/s Romain Reigns
Cesaro V/s Sheamus


The match is expected to be brutal once more with the two using their brute strength on the other. But the finish is which may be interesting. Reigns could easily be crowned champion but the question is should the WWE will allow it?Reigns continue to work on his craft and being champion may ruin that once more.