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Chetan Bhagat New Book “One Indian Girl” Poster & Teaser- Pre Order on Amazon, Releasing 1st October

Author Chetan Bhagat on Friday announced his new book One Indian Girl. The book – the writer’s first from a woman’s point of view tells the story of a girl who finds it difficult to get love because she is intelligent and successful. It hopes to question society, which judges women achievers.


The teaser trailer summarises the protagonist’s character traits, which might (or might not) have been inspired by an Ekta Kapoor soap.

Here’s a synopsis of the book for you:

Hi I am Radhika Mehta and I’m getting married this week.
I work in a top investment bank.
Thank you for reading my crazy story
However let me warn you.
You may not like me too much.
One, I make a lot of money
Two, I have an opinion on everything.
Three, I have had sex before.
Now if I were a guy, you’d be cool with all this.
Since I am a girl,
these things don’t make me too likeable, do they?

One Indian Girl is about an Indian girl who is intelligent and successful, because of which she finds it difficult to get love, says the writer of Two States. I have wanted to write a book in female first person for the past several years. Not only that, I wanted that book to be about women, and deal with feminism. To do all this as a male writer was a huge challenge