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Bigg Boss 10 Rohan slap Swami Video Online, Full Episode- Swami Rohan Fight wala episode

Just when we thought that not just the present contestants but those who will appear in Bigg Boss in the future have taken their lesson from Priyanka Jagga’s eviction, we hear that Swami Om refuses to tone done his histrionics in Bigg Boss 10. Swami has taken cudgels with Bigg Boss himself, it seems.

We already told you how Swami Om tried to strangle Rohan Mehra in Wednesday’s episode to ensure he is out of the captaincy race. After he failed to do so, he tries to sabotage the final task between Rohan and Manveer. Miffed with Swami Om, Gaurav pulls him back and warns him to stay away from the task. Instead of listening to him, Swami starts calling Gaurav dirty names and even commented on Gaurav’s family. All of this for what? Only to be called the kingmaker.


The situation goes out of control when Swami does not stop and sabotages Rohan’s game. Rohan Mehra — who has maintained his cool with Swami even after he questioned his upbringing — slaps Swami Om in a fit of anger. In Bigg Boss house you can hurt anyone as much as you want by your crass and indecent comments, but the moment you touch your fellow contestant, everything gets overlooked and you become a defaulter. This is exactly what’s going to happen with Rohan.


Rohan will be nominated for the entire season for hurting Swami Om physically. Bigg Boss in harsh words criticises Rohan for breaking the most important rule of the show and said he deserves to be punished. After being punished, Rohan locks himself in the washroom and asks Bigg Boss either to let him walk out of the house or he will stay in the washroom only.