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Bigg Boss 10 Bani fight Om Swami Video, Watch Online- Om Swami comment on Bani mother

Bigg Boss 10 contestant, Om Swami has often landed in trouble for passing derogatory comments against housemates. The man has done it again and this time he went overboard. Here’s what happened. A new captaincy was introduced between Gaurav Chopra and Priyanka Jagga.

After Bani J leaves Priyanka’s rope in the captaincy task, Om swami gets really annoyed with her. He got angry as she was also trying to convince Sahil to leave Priyanka’s rope, so that Gaurav could win the game.

Exasperated with Bani’s behaviour, Om Swami goes a over board and passes a comment on Bani’s mother saying, “Agar tum aisa karogi tumhari Maa mar jayegi”.


Om swami’s comments gave Bani a jolt which made her so furious that she couldn’t hold back her emotions. All hell broke loose as she got into a heated argument with Om Swami saying that, “How dare you pass you such comments about my mother”. The fight got quite intense.

After the fight when Om Swami comes to apologise to Bani, she tells him to go away and not show those fake tears to her. Om Swami tries to justify his actions saying that he said that in anger as she had betrayed them in the task. Bani tells him that he doesn’t have any right to pass such comments on her mother and pushes him in anger.