Bigg Boss 10 24th Dec Episode, TRP Rating- Salman Khan Priyanka Jagga last night Bigg Boss Full Episode Online

Bigg Boss 10 is on an interesting turn in this Weekend Ka Vaar episode. Host Salman Khan will be seen throwing out the most controversial contestant Priyanka Jagga out of the house because of her continuous abusive behaviour with the contestants in the house. If you recollects, Jagga said very mean things to Lopa Mudra and Manu Punjabi was also demeaned over his mother’s death.

Salman getting super annoyed at this gesture of hers and will warn her that she is not supposed to talk to her in this manner. Priyanka still continues her rant and also starts throwing tantrums by weeping and shouting, “I want to go home, I’, also a human being”!


Ofcourse, this becomes too much to take for Sallu bhai and he instantly announces her eviction and tells her that she does not deserve this house and so she should leave it right now! He also warns the channel and the show makers that he won’t be the part of the show and the channel if they don’t throw out Priyanka Jagga. Om Swami tries to take her side but Salman Khan also gets annoyed on him and asks Manveer Gurjar to tie a cloth to his mouth.